Tradition under the wings of the Phoenix

In a small town north of Brussels, St. Norbert founded an order with his followers. Thus, in 1128 the history of the GRIMBERGEN abbey began, where the first recipe of the legendary beer was created. Soon after its uprising, the brotherhood was put to the first test. In 1142. a great fire broke out, which completely destroyed the monastery. However, the steadfast monks did not give up, and in great hardship they rebuilt the abbey and the monastic brewery. In 1566 and 1798 the order had to rise again from the ashes. Subsequent fires destroyed the monastery, but the monks bravely rebuilt the abbey each time, choosing the mythical phoenix as its symbol. Thanks to the stubbornness and strength of tradition, the order was reborn from its ashes three times. The Phoenix Brotherhood still exists today, together with its famous beer.


Grimbergen Blonde

The intense flavor and golden color of Grimbergen Blonde is due to the classic and the oldest recipe of the Phoenix brotherhood.
The aromas of licorice, honey, oriental spices and creamy foam are the hallmarks of this beer.
Grimbergen Blonde highlights the taste of:
– beef
– fish
– dishes with sour additives
– dishes of Polish, German, Scandinavian and American cuisine


Grimbergen Double

This dark, mahogany brewery owes its distinctive character to double fermentation.
Grimbergen Double has a slightly sweet taste with a noticeable aroma of fruity and spicy notes. The whole is crowned with a thick, creamy foam.
Grimbergen Double emphasizes the taste of:
– lamb
– pork
– dishes with sweet sauces and dried fruit
– Arabic, Greek and Indian dishes


Grimbergen Blanche

Perfect for enthusiasts of the refreshing, slightly bitter taste of wheat beer. Under a delicate foam, Grimbergen Blanche dips a light golden, naturally cloudy liquor with a noticeable aroma of citrus fruit, vanilla, caramel and bergamot.
Grimbergen Blanche highlights the taste of:
– poultry
– pasta
– spicy dishes
– Fusion, Mexican, Thai, Mediterranean and French dishes